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May 24, 2003(SAT)
SAJ Symposium 2003 in Osaka

An annual symposium of Soundscape Association of Japan (SAJ) in co-operation with Hirano People's Network for Community Development
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This symposium is part of a series of projects to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the SAJ. A keynote report will focus on the Hirano Soundscape Museum (HSM), that was established in 1998 and has been run as part of a non-profit society, the "Hirano People's Network for Community Development." The museum is tiny and has been managed entirely by volunteers. However, this case, in which concrete activities making use of soundscape in daily life from the grass roots, could prove to be a very important example.

In the symposium, the keynote address will report about the activities of the HSM and a sound bazaar will take place in close co-operation with the people's network. The bazaar will consist of a lot of workshops, exhibitions, concerts and so on. The aim of the symposium does not focus only on soundscape but also on more comprehensive experiences in daily life. Our purpose is to give visitors some understanding of the attraction that we feel in our ordinary activities of community development. We have considered that this attraction may arise from the voluntary nature of our activities and that 'voluntarism' in that context is one of the most important concepts of soundscape design, in which any individual citizen can participate. All of the programs will be held in Japanese language.


Dainenbutsuji Temple (1-7-26 Hirano-uemachi Hirano, Osaka 547-0044, Japan).

Area Map around the Venue (a link to Mapion in Japanese)

The nearest station to the venue is JR Hirano station on Yamatoji line.

From Kansai International Airport, use JR line and go to Tennoji by Limited Express "HARUKA"(30 minutes.) From Tennoji to Hirano by a local train (10 minutes.)

From Kyoto or Kobe, change to JR KANJO (LOOP) LINE at JR Osaka station. From Osaka to Shin-imamiya via Nishikujo by a local train (30 minutes.) From Shin-imamiya to Hirano by a local train (15 minutes.)

Program (15:00 - 17:30)

Keynote Addresses (from 15:00)

Sound Bazaar(from 15:30 to 17:30)

Now, the programs are planned as follows. We will make this information up-to-date.

A Small Get-together (from 18:00)

We will make this information up-to-date as soon as possible.


For more information, please contact to sajsympo2003@omoroide.com.

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